About Jay

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

캐릭터 디자인과 그래픽 일러스트레이션 중심의 작업을 합니다. 하나의 스타일에 국한되지 않고, 떠오르는 아이디어를 다양한 방식을 통해 현실로 만들어나가고 있습니다.
Illustrator and graphic designer based in Seoul, South Korea. I focus on character design and graphic illustration. Without limiting myself to a single style, I bring imaginative ideas to life through various approaches.
- Digital Drawing Class, Class101 (Dec 2020 - Present)
- 'Chocochou' Character Emoticons Set of 4, KakaoTalk Emoticon (Jul 2013 - Present)
- Webtoon series for Dong Sung Pharmaceutical's 'AC Care' brand promotion (Apr 2012 - Feb 2014)
- 'Chocochou' stickers with Line Creators (Sep 2015 - Present)
- Tourism Webtoon & Illustration for Japan KYUSHU TOURISM ORGANIZATION Olle Trail (Apr 2012)
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